John age 12 about to ride his bike
Sam wearing his skeleton track suit and resting his arm on a pumpkin
Clapper board over a green background
Collage of different parts of the notebooks and journals
Pink background with all the covers of the online magazine “You Are Gothic But You don’t Know It”, on display.
image of a broken bulb with two post it notes, one saying job and the other education
woman pulling her hair over a dark background and the writing “helping others” on the left hand side of the screen with a megaphone
a blurry boy handing out a golden present to the viewer
two women painted like skulls for Dia de los Muertos
baby in the womb
A woman surprised about all the things she is hearing on the phone. A lot of cartoon swearing words coming out of the phone
Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and Castiel from Supernatural
Two kids dresses up as skeletons in the forest for Halloween
A woman and man sat down on the floor screaming while watching a horror film
a bunch of zombies approaching the screen wanting your attention
cartoon head with different layers
Jamie Campbell Bower over a blue Gothic background
Four of the younger characters from Stranger Things looking down at the camera
Alice wishing you a Happy 2023, with a blue background with a magic ball.
Alicia with her back to the camera stroking her olive tree and wearing black wings. As frame four pictures of her other plants and trees
Old Cassette player
A man begging with a forbiden sign over his head and the sign follow me, please on the right of the picture
YouTuber’s room with shelves, lights and books decorated for Halloween
Alice pointing at the cover of her online Gothic magazine
porcelain broken doll on the floor
Two women holding hands in support of each other
Skull with green flowers and branches on one side, and a colour rainbow coming of it. It’s sat on a book on a grey background with cobwebs at the top corners.
Arms of a woman drowning in a dark blue water with bubbles
writing, freelance writing, writer, writers, happy couple
Man pointing with a bow and arrow at death
Alice with sunglasses and the beach behind her
Man hidding under a blue blanket with his brown teddy bear
Alicia Domínguez

English philologist/ magazine owner/Independent researcher/ Life guide through the Gothic Literature and Jungian Psychology