Trees And Their Hidden Mysteries

As well as symbols, trees are a source of inspiration

Alicia Domínguez
4 min readJun 29, 2022


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There’s no doubt anymore that my passion for trees and what they represent has taken a different level during the last few years.

The more I learn about them the more I understand, not only why I think they are so important and so similar to us, but also how much they have influenced the lives of artists in different fields.

A few months ago, I was doing some research on trees for my very first online magazine, when I came across Patrick Boniface’s article How the Luftwaffe destroyed Guernica.

I am well known at home and among my closest friends for not being politically inclined, even though I keep talking about politics indirectly through the Gothic. I think of myself as a very peculiar and quiet revolutionary that doesn’t really understand the rules of the game.

I just think the world is being run by many psychopaths on the loose.

Apart from all the historical and very interesting information regarding the Spanish battle in Guernica in the Basque Country in Spain in Patrick’s article, the paragraph that caught my attention and that I found relevant for my research had to do with the Oak tree:

One symbol which stood out for many was the strange survival of the Guernica oak. This tree had somehow survived the aerial assault. The oak had been the symbol of Basque liberties where in medieval times, the Kings of Spain would come to confirm the autonomy of the Basque States. Republicans wouldn’t deny such a significant symbol of pride, but German pilots would have had no such qualms.

As we can see with this example, trees have always played an important role in all the world’s ancient cultures, filling the folklore and mythologies with amazing stories to explain the world around us.

I find it very interesting, for example, that the oak tree, as well as a political symbol that in Spain can be traced back to Fernando the…



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