Why It Is Important to Know Your Myth

Alicia Domínguez
6 min readFeb 2, 2024

In search of what lies within, through the Gothic

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A few years ago I was invited to a meditation group on WhatsApp. The first thing I thought was “I don’t have time for this”, and I kind of proceeded to tell my friend and student I couldn’t promise anything. Her reply was something along the lines of: what can you lose by having a go? You can do it at the end of the day when you’ve finished your classes, or first thing in the morning to activate you. You decide.

That flexibility and freedom she gave me is what made me stay and even finish the task. The same had happened around the same time when I was persuaded to have a chat with a dietician when one day in the chemist I was going to buy an anticellulite cream. The first thing I told the expert as I walked through the door was that I couldn’t promise anything as I have never been good at putting food restrictions on myself. When he replied that the sheet he was going to give me every two weeks was only a guide and not something fixed to obsess about was when I stayed until the end of the process.

So that’s what I did with this invitation, despite not having a clue on how to meditate, who Deepak Chopra was, or what “mantra” meant. I didn’t even know how to sit properly for that matter. But I did it anyway.

There were three of us in the group.

Before the meditation, we had to reflect on something and write down what we had come up with. This exercise helped me in various ways:

  • I became committed to the task by making sure every day I had a few minutes to be in my brain in a healthy way. This helped me slow down and concentrate on only one intentional thought at a time.
  • I was connected with three other people doing the same exercise and at the end of our meditations we shared our visions, experiences, and thoughts.
  • I wrote down on paper all those deeper desires, wishes, and dreams I kept postponing for when I had the time.
  • Some of the images and symbols we saw and experienced resonated with each other.
  • I entered into very interesting conversations with the rest of the group about each other’s perceptions.
  • I felt I was in a safe space to share my writing dreams…



Alicia Domínguez

English philologist/ Independent researcher/ Writer/ Self-Development Mentor through the Gothic-Jungian lens